Adam Delane

A photographer once said, "If you only create a body of work that you love, the worst thing that can possibly happen is that you end up with a body of work that you love." That defines my style of photography; I only shoot what I love. This strategy has gotten me world-wide praises, published and booked from coast-to-coast.

Photography started as a passion for me, just a man doing what I loved. Getting those good angles with just a camera phone, catching the light just right to make the image POP! When I first bought my professional camera over 5yrs ago, I never thought I’d be where I am today. From New York to Puerto Rico and as far west as Seattle, I’ve taken amazing photos in some AMAZING places.

The name ‘Give Me Face’ comes from my in-shoot personality LOL. I’m excited, I’m in action, I’m helping my subjects pose and most of all I’m always trying to bring out different facial expressions with my favorite line, “Give me face!” Facial expressions can make and sometimes break an image. Do you think the Mona Lisa would be THEE Mona Lisa if she looked uncomfortable or had a fake smile?