Breaking Photographer's Creative Block

Even photographers get “writer’s” block, we call it “Creator’s Block”. Which is when we either can’t come up with a shoot concept or we have shoot concepts in mind but we’re waiting for “perfect” to happen. Perfect time, perfect model, perfect MUA, etc. Try this new challenge and come up out of that sunken place.

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Build A Solid Team

Land More Clients

In this industry it's VITAL that you are constantly and persistently putting out new content. This goes for EVERYONE, photographers, models, videographers, stylist, makeup artist, etc. Most of our paid work is confidential or it's boring (aka basic) so it won't capture the attention of people scrolling in their Instagram newsfeed. So it's on us to collaborate to create DOPE content that will make anyone stop mid finger swipe. As you may have seen in your own Instagram timeline, ads are looking more "natural", they're creative, they look like a real photoshoot/Videoshoot and less like a company trying to click bait you. So we as creatives have to come together and create DOPE photoshoots and visuals for our own social media and websites in order to attract the attention of potential clients. The only way to do that is to work together and when that happens EVERYONE benefits. Everyone got more exposure from the cross-promotion, new images and video content for their social media, portfolio, website, etc. that stands out from the norm. 

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Drone Footage:

Getting Paid Work and Expanding Your Network


Getting paid work is a challenge to most models and photographers, but a lot has to do with your work ethic and how bad your really want it. Your network determines your net worth. Once you expand, you begin to meet new people that have connections that you can then utilize to expand your brand even more. 

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How I Sparked The Viral #HobbyLobbyChallenge

I didn’t expect my photos to go as viral as they did. 250K shares in less than 24hrs on Facebook. From news outlets, blogs, big Instagram accounts and more, all sharing and talking about my photos. Here is what I used to shoot the images.
Canon 7D
Lens 50mm 1.4f
Lightroom and Photoshop CS6 to edited the images. 
I put so much into the edits because I wanted it to seem like the models were outside in a flower garden around sunset.  So as you can see in the before and after images ( I added the sun glow, I had to clone stamp flowers and vines in to hide the shelving behind the models, color correction, etc.

How To Land Commercial Clients

Commercial work is one of the highest paying types of photography...

Landing those big commission jobs can sometimes be difficult if you don’t already have those type of images in your portfolio OR you have them but the clients that you’ve worked with, have had low budgets so you couldn’t really execute a BEDAZZLING image. In my new video I show you how to create your very own, made-up commercial job that YOU control.. Now you can show off your REAL abilities and talent without limits other than your budget. I was able to execute my commercial shot with under $30! When you create your own work and share it across social media or in ads, it’ll attract the attention of more companies in-turn landing you more paid work. . .

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