Breaking Photographer's Creative Block

Feeling Pressured?

My personal experience with this was after doing a photoshoot inside Hobby Lobby, which went viral, I felt like compelled and actually pressured from friends, family and followers to come up with something to “top” that. Top a photoshoot that did over 250K shares on Facebook within 24hrs? Exactly, that in itself sounds impossible.

I brainstormed for months, before I finally came up with a new shoot idea that I felt was going to do big numbers, which barely did anything and I fell right back into the sunken place.

I then realized that I’ve gotten caught up in the social media attention trap. Where you’re posting for likes and comments instead of posting just to show the world what you just created. Thinking those likes validate the quality of your work.

After hearing the quote, “If you create what you love, the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll end up with a body of work that you love.” I picked myself up and started executing everything I put my mind to. This Thrift Store Challenge is to help those of you who may still have that blockage and don’t know what you want to create.

After you execute the challenge the gears will begin to turn again and you’ll feel like you have your groove back. You just have to keep shooting.

Check out the Full Video from the Thrift Store Challenge Shoot: