The Girl In The Orange Pants

This shoot was a challenge to myself, to style an entire shoot, from clothes to props to final edit. I personally HATE shopping, lol, but shopping for this shoot was very fun and aggravating at the same time. Having to stick to one color scheme made it more difficult than just going into the thrift store and picking out pieces that went good together. Finding orange, vintage style pants was a feat, but once that nightmare was over, the makeup artist, Vicky, came and put the finishing touches on the Face to make the shoot even better! All I had to tell her was the color scheme and that I wanted something different, outside the normal, but not toooooooo much, lol and she did her thing. Then to REALLY put the icing on the cake, I selected Dee, as my model. When I came across her profile on Instagram and saw how unique her look was, I knew she was going to make the images POP!!

As a commercial photographer being able to give advice on wardrobe can make for an even better ad campaign.