Everyone Starts Somewhere

When I began in photography, I didn’t have any help. I reached out to photographers within my city and no one really wanted to help. The most I ever got was, “Look ‘it’ up on YouTube.” Now here I am over 6 yrs in, getting booked from coast to coast and I’ve surpassed most, if not all, of those who didn’t want to help me. I may not be world famous, or making 6 figures yet, but everyone starts somewhere and I’m here to help you grow and hopefully even surpass me but without going through the trials and tribulations that I went through.

From marketing to growing into an actual business, camera basics to editing style, I help other photographers as much as I can. I answer messages and emails from photographers and also hold a Q&A sessions via Facebook Live. I realized that for some people, they need actual One-On-One time, so now I’m able to offer just that. I hope I can help photography change your life like it has done for me.


There Are Several Options

My Mentor

1 Hour Video Chat


(5) 1 Hour Video Chat Sessions


8 hour one-on-one in person session 
Complete with a shoot for you to practice with guidance 
Includes headshots for you